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Hoshinoya Fuji

Hoshinoya Fuji

On the slopes of a hill overlooking Lake Kawaguchi, near Mt. Fuji, is HOSHINOYA Fuji. It is a resort that is intimate, hidden from the world by a pristine red pine forest and mountain mists, while also opening up to offer expansive vistas that can be viewed from the comfort of your own cabin. All the pleasures associated with camping are offered throughout the premises, to be enjoyed at your leisure.

The cabins of HOSHINOYA Fuji are located in one section of a national park. As a result of volcanic activity 10,000 years ago, the landscape of this park is scattered with craters, ice caves, and mixed forests of deciduous trees and evergreens, as well as geographic formations that once enclosed Lake Kawaguchi. All this, untouched, is on display through the large cabin windows that overlook the scenery, with only the seasons transforming the landscape throughout the year.

Crafted to blend into the natural environment, the cabins are a feast of contemporary Japanese design, with supremely comfortable beds, fully-equipped bathrooms, and wonderful private balconies. Additionally, guests can enjoy campsite dining and a plethora of activities, from yoga and stargazing to canoeing, horse riding, and forest hiking.

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