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Tanzania (4)

Park Hyatt Zanzibar

Park Hyatt Zanzibar is the quintessential destination from which to experience the idyllic East African island of Zanzibar and embrace the rich culture, heritage and historical significance of the hotel’s location. Sitting majestically on the beachfront in the heart of Stone Town, a designated UNESCO heritage site, Park Hyatt Zanzibar provides the ultimate haven amongst Stone Town’s labyrinth of winding alleys, bustling markets, mosques and famed Zanzibari doors, featuring magnificent ornate wooden carvings. The town’s key attractions are easily accessible by foot including Forodhani Gardens, the Old Fort, the Old Dispensary, the Peace Memorial Museum, the Palace Museum and the House of Wonders.

The hotel is housed in two buildings, one of them Mambo Msiige, a building steeped in history, grace and mystique with a story dating back to the 17th century. A typical Zanzibari mansion, centered round a peaceful courtyard, a retreat from the summer heat, Mambo Msiige is a unique gem with architecture that embraces Swahili culture alongside Arab, Persian, Indian and European elements. The new and purpose built Zamani residence connects to Mambo Msiige, blending old with new, historic with contemporary.


Four Seasons

Safari Lodge


Deep within Africa’s finest game reserve, Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti welcomes you to a sanctuary of Four Seasons comfort.Get up close and intimate with lions, leopards and elephants – yet always feel safe and pampered.

Experience thrilling Serengeti game drives and rare opportunities to connect with the local people and culture. Then return to the Safari Lodge located in Serengeti National Park, where its 77 secluded guest rooms, elegant spa and infinity pool promise a luxurious respite during your African safari adventures.

East Africa’s world-famous wildlife sanctuary, the Serengeti National Park, holds the continent’s most diverse and largest concentration of plains animals. Serengeti is perhaps most famous for the “Great Migration” – a breathtaking spectacle that features more than one million wildebeest, 500,000 Thompson’s gazelle and 200,000 zebra on the move.


Singita Sabora Camp

Singita Sabora Tented Camp is situated in an untouched wilderness area of Grumeti Reserves, spanning over 350,000 acres in northern Tanzania.

The intimate 1920s-style explorer’s camp is permeated by a sense of nostalgic adventure. Steeped in character, Singita Sabora Tented Camp surprises guests with an opulence that is delightfully out-of-place with the rugged terrain of the surrounding savannah plains. Here, guests are immersed in the palpable pulse of the wild Serengeti, with the added thrill of knowing there isn’t much separating the comfort inside from the elements and wildlife outside.

The nine lavish tents are air-conditioned and feature a spacious bedroom with reading area, bathroom with bath and outdoor shower, viewing deck with a Swarovski spotting scope, and a library lounge tent lined with antique and rare volumes of African literature.

The beautiful 350,000 acre SingitaGrumeti Reserve hosts the annual wildebeest migration route, traversed by millions of wildlife. Guided morning and afternoon drives offer abundant big five game viewing - Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Black Rhino, Elephant - and other game such as Cheetah, Giraffe, Zebra, Wildebeest and much more - at the enormous private wildlife concession with woodland and river areas.

This most beautiful tented camp in Tanzania offers a nostalgic adventure: Fall asleep to the sounds of the natural bush orchestra of crickets, owls and distant lion calls turning down for the night.



Tanzania, the largest country in East Africa, boasts not only incredible safari destinations but also some of the best beaches and islands anywhere in Africa. Known as one of Africa’s top spots to view wildlife, Tanzania is home to what is widely considered one of the greatest wonders of the natural world: The Great Migration, when more than two million wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles migrate through the Serengeti and Masai Mara ecosystems. Imagine, too, the wonder of going on one of the most popular and accessible of the safari trips in Tanzania. Known as the Northern Safari circuit, this well-established route includes nationalparks, game reserves, conservation areas, and private concessions. Among them: the world famous Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater (a geographical marvel), Tarangire National Park, and Lake Manyara National Park. You might also consider a trip to the Tanzanian coast and the Indian Ocean, with its white sandy beaches stretching for miles and crystal clear waters exceptional for warm water diving and snorkeling. The adventure of a lifetime awaits you.