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To many, the beauty of Japan lies in its fierce dual embrace of the modern and traditional, and its ability to propel the latest cutting-edge developments while revering its cultural traditions and historic achievements. It is a timeless country where ancient rituals are fused with contemporary life, where religious shrines bump up against steel skyscrapers, and bullet trains whiz past age-old castles and palaces as if such juxtapositions are the most natural things in the world. From Tokyo’s urban sprawl to the peacefulness of Kyoto, from boisterous Osaka nightlife to Hiroshima's contemplative spirit, Japan’s big attractions never fail to dazzle first-time visitors. The country is a pioneer in the fields of design, technology, fashion, and cuisine. In its cities, you can set your watch by the trains, eat meals that resemble works of contemporary art, and experience the most technologically advanced toilets on the planet. And in the countryside, you can ski the powdery slopes of Hokkaido, revel in the springtime beauty of the bountiful Japanese sakura(cherry blossoms), frolic on the sun-drenched beaches of subtropical Okinawa or climb up the iconic Mount Fuji. It’s up to you — Japan has it all for the taking.



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