About US

About Us

" FSMagic is a leading Luxury Travel Boutique. We offer a uniquely tailored travel service to suit your needs. Based on our extensive travel experience we are most suited to providing you with specialist travel advice, a bespoke itinerary with enjoyable cultural and fun experiences to remember for a lifetime.

We provide independent and trusted advice on the best trending locations, whether for, honeymooners, families or for the corporate business traveler. FSMagic has a wide network of hotels and resorts, tour guides, and vast knowledge of places to visit with exciting experiences through offering best arrangements for any travel need.

FSMagic was established in 2015 to cater for the growing demand for specialist luxury travel and combine the passion for designing unique travel experiences by specialist travel connoisseurs.

FSMagic is keen to meet and fulfill any travel needs that clients require, it has the right exclusive experience for you. We are here to make your travel experiences special and a magical moment to cherish.

Please feel encouraged to get in touch with us. "

F S M Al SaudManaging Director