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Tschuggen Grand Hotel Arosa

Tschuggen Grand Hotel Arosa

Step into the exclusive surroundings of the Tschuggen Grand Hotel. A realm of the senses and emotions, full of warmth and splendour. Surrounded by its enchanting mountain scenery.

The route to your room is inspired by each storey’s distinctive colour scheme. Filled with colours and patterns, light and shadow, fabrics and leather. A bathroom setting in Grison’s granite and Arosa’s mountain landscape beyond your window. Immerse yourself in the stunning mountain scenery before retiring to your home from home, its luxuriously furnished rooms and suites with unrivalled panoramic views.

Enjoy the symbiosis of quintessential “joie de vivre” and dining excellence. With its restaurants offering a versatile cuisine ranging from Swiss regional to creative and contemporary.

Wellness in the heart of the mountains. The Tschuggen Bergoase spa facility opens up a new dimension of space, comfort, nature and geometry, of warmth, rock, light, and water. The mountains and the skies all around fill the innermost depths of this oasis through opulent yet filigree sails of glass and steel, flooding the four storeys with light and breathtaking panoramic views.