who we are

Fahad Saad Mohammed

Al Saud

Managing Director

FSMagic was founded by Prince Fahad bin Saad M. Al Saud in 2015. An avid traveler himself, he has spent the past three decades experiencing the world of luxury travel, in his private and professional life. Over the years, it seemed that many of his family members, friends, and business associates came to this well-heeled Prince for travel advice. He has always been passionate about traveling and felt that there was something missing in the services offered to this niche market of ultra-luxury travelers, such as members of Royal Families, top businessmen, senior government officials, and those appreciate the fine taste of travel, and he realized that he could fill the gap with his experiences and a well-trained team.

In his professional career, he has held multiple management positions for a major market regulator and banks such as Capital Market Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a renowned private bank in Switzerland. His strong financial background, travel experience, extensive network ties, and leadership skills bring a fresh perspective to tailor-made vacation that FSMagic creates. Though he doesn’t regret his years in the world of finance, he wants his friends, family, and clients to enjoy the service they all expect when they come to his boutique luxury travel agency to design their dream holidays.

“FSMagic is no regular travel agency. They love our agency to create those magical travel moments, to provide a high level of attention from me and my team, and, of course, to benefit from our excellent rapport with luxury service providers,” Prince Fahad says.

In his private life, he continues to conquer new destinations and discoveries, and he enjoys showing the world to his beloved two little Princesses. “They give me more opportunities to look at things through their innocent eyes,” Prince Fahad says.