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Morocco defines dazzling with an energy and culture infused with Arab, European and African influences. An enormous variety of sights are packed into its corner of North Africa: Desert fortresses rise up from Saharan sands. Sapphire waters stretch beyond white sandy beaches. Purple peaks of the Atlas Mountains glitter with snow. Kasbahs and mosques of ancient Medina and the back alleys of Marrakesh offer glimpses into the mystical times while hip cafes, high-design riads and popular Atlantic resorts like Asilah and Essaouria reflect the country’s modern, cosmopolitan side.

Morocco’s varied geography also means that you can take your pick of when to travel. In general, April and May offer the best weather across the country. The desert region — and to a lesser extent, the plains cities — should be avoided in mid-summer due to the heat, but that’s the time when coastal cities are lovely. Mountains can be chilly in the winter (a word of caution: many hotels don’t have heat), and even desert temperatures can plummet at night in the summer. Take your pick, and pack a bag. Perfect for independent or group travel, Morocco’s tradition of hospitality, generosity and openness is one of many reasons visitors return time and again.



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