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It goes without saying that if you travel to Italy once, you are destined to return. This country is not something to simply check off your bucket list. It is a place to live, love, and learn all year-round — and most people never get to half of what Italy has to offer.

It’s possible to add day trips onto a simple city trip here, taking in not only the awe-inspiring art and architecture of Milan and Florence, Rome and Venice, but the olive groves and vineyards of the countryside or the sparkling waters of Lake Como and the Mediterranean. The color and hipness here is vibrant, found in the stylishness of urban fashion, the mastery of classic artists and creativity of up-and-coming ones as well as the talent of some of the best chefs and winemakers in the world. Drop your bags at one of the country’s many luxury hotels, then shop and stroll to your heart’s delight before breaking for a long — and by long, we mean loooong — mouthwatering meal with multiple courses of antipasti, homemade pasta, freshly caught seafood and heady wines. But don’t stay still for too long: Italy’s varied geography and long history can lead you from the Roman Coliseum to the crystal blue Tyrrhenian Sea and the southern regions of Campania, Basilicata and Calabria.

The best months to visit tend to be April through June and September though October when the weather is comfortably warm and dry. Most Italians go on holiday in August so expect to find many shops and restaurants shuttered. As the Italians say, “Buon Viaggio!”



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