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Stretching from the frozen Himalayan summits to the tropical greenery of Kerala, India encompasses an incomparable mix of landscapes, cultures, and people with more than one billion inhabitants divided into two thousand ethnic groups. The country astounds travelers with its chaotic vibrancy and cultural riches from temples and beaches to mountains and jungles. Visit the sacred Ganges and the sands of the Thar desert, try to catch sight of the rare Bengal tiger at a national park, visit a camel fair or the town of Darjeeling (famous for its tea). Experience the overwhelming sights and sounds of New Delhi and witness the gleaming white majesty of the Taj Mahal before retreating to the privacy and quiet of your luxury hotel. Enjoy a traditional tea and sweets, a nap or a luxury spa treatment before continuing a journey that will fill your heart and mind.

A helpful note: The best time to visit India is between late October (the end of the monsoon season) and mid-March. While April and May can be very hot and humid, with high temperatures regularly exceeding 40 degrees celsius on the northern plans, they are good months to visit the Himalayan foothills and the hill stations of Shimla and Darjeeling. High summer is pleasant in Kashmir and Ladakh.



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